Gaheris Tiranth


Gaheris Moon Elf Wizard (Conjurer)

Alignment: Neutral
Homeland: The Elven Court
Deity: Azuth, The High One, Patron of Mages, Lord of Spells. (wizards, mages, spellcasters in general)
Gaheris now offers prayers to the Lord of Spells rather than the elven gods. He is not zealous, but he thinks Azuth’s teachings might better match his own philosophy on the use of magic.

As a Talented conjurer, Gaheris is extremely knowledgeable about the arcane and about the denizens of other planes. He speaks all of the major languages of Faerun, and several not native to the Material Plane.

In a Fight, he prefers to summon creatures to fight for him, and casts spells to assist his allies and hinder or weaken his enemies. He focuses his arcane power through a crystal-topped staff he has bonded himself to.


Gaheris is from an elf enclave east of the ruins of Myth Drannor, a pocket of the once powerful Elven Court. He was apprenticed to a circle of mages at an early age, and showed considerable promise, particularly in the arts of summoning and binding.

When drow raiders besieged Gaheris’ home his circle joined in the defence. He summoned infernal minions, immune to some of the drow magic and poison, to help defeat the attackers.

Such summonings are anathema to elves, taken as a sign of an evil nature. Gaheris proudly argued that it was necessary, but was told his actions were viewed as sinful to the Seldarine, the elven gods. He was disowned by his family and told to leave the circle and the settlement.

Gaheris believes that any magic he uses is right, the ends justify the means, and his will controls his power. He would like to do great deeds to show his home their judgement was wrong.

Gaheris has travelled southward amongst humans, working as a mage-for-hire and looking for more magical lore. He has arrived to the city of Wheloon, following stories of a new temple to Mystra, goddess of magic, where he hopes to learn more of other races’ perspectives on the use of magic.

Gaheris Tiranth

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