Riven Kadzash


Riven Duergar Rogue (Scout)

Alignment: Neutral
Homeland: Underdark (Northdark)
Deity: Marthammor Duin (guides, explorers, expatriates, travellers, lightning).
Riven never really worshipped the duergar gods, and he left them behind when he decided to stay on the surface. He knows little of Darthammor, but figures he should offer prayers to someone.

Riven is a Talented scout, stealthy and perceptive, and he has a dwarf’s natural eye for traps and a treasure’s value. He has a lot of knowledge about the Underdark, but despite his origins he’s adapted to the daylight world.

In a Fight, his favourite tactic is to snipe the unaware with snap shots from his light crossbow – and he’s very good at it.


Riven was born not in a duergar city of the Underdark, but in the gray dwarf merchant outpost in the drow city of Maerimydra. He was a social outcast from infancy once he grew a full head of hair – a rarity amongst the bald duergar, and taken as a sign that his bloodline must be tainted by interbreeding with shield dwarves. His parents hated him for the stigma it put on the family, and other duergar hated him for the perceived taint.

Growing up a loner, he gravitated to the profession of scout for trade caravans through the Underdark and even to the surface. It got him away from the other duergar and their hate, and he felt more at ease with other races who didn’t care about his hair.

Two years ago, Maerimydra suffered in succession a mage-coup, a half-fiend led invasion and conquest by an undeath cult. The population were slaughtered and scattered and the city now lies in ruins. Riven was with a trade caravan in the surface city of Saerloon in Sembia when he heard the news. The rest of the caravan chose a long journey to the duergar city of Gracklstugh, but Riven saw a chance to leave his fellows’ disdain behind him and chose to remain on the surface.

Riven believes his home is whatever journey he is currently on, his family are his travelling companions, and he takes pride in a successful expedition thanks to his role as scout. Travelling west as a caravan guide, he has been in the city of Wheloon for several weeks and is running low on money. He needs a paying job. There are no caravans looking to hire, but there is an intriguing job offer concerning a new temple to Mystra on the outskirts of the city…

Riven Kadzash

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