Sorrel Chondathan Human Monk of the Old Order

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Homeland: The Dalelands
Deity: Lathander, The Morninglord (spring, dawn, birth, renewal, creativity, youth, vitality, self-perfection, athletics).
Sorrel offers lip service to Lathander out of habit – every morning at the Abbey, the brothers of the Order would greet the dawn with a simple prayer.

Sorrel is Talented in most physical pursuits, he is also very observant of both surroundings and behaviours.

In a Fight, he strikes with quarterstaff, fists, elbows, knees and feet. He likes to get an opponent into a wristlock or clinch from which it is harder to avoid his blows. At range, he can draw and throw a fistful of shuriken with frightening speed.


Sorrel was the youngest child of a poor family on the wild eastern slopes of the Thunder Peaks. Unable to support all of their children, his parents sent Sorrel, along with two of his brothers and his sister, to be taken in by the Abbey of the Morning Peak.

The Abbey is part of the Old Order, an ancient membership of mystics and monks scattered widely across Faerun. Sorrel was restless, driven by a need to be in action and fits of wild temper. Old blind master Aldan taught him to focus his anger into combat, and taught Sorrel the Order’s fighting arts.

Amongst the mountain range lies an old enemy, monks of the Dark Moon who serve the goddess Shar. Evil men devoted to misery and woe, they sometimes ambush the brothers of the Old Order. When Sorrel himself was ambushed, and defeated his foe in single combat, master Aldan told him he had nothing left to learn from him. He told him he must leave the Abbey to ‘walk the Realms’, but that it would not be the last time he fought servants of darkness.

As he has grown up, Sorrel is no longer angry at his parents; he understands they were poor and simple folk who wanted a better life for their children. He thinks the powers of Faerun often act at the expense of the simple folk, and he would like to use his skills in the Way to stand for those simple folk.

Passing through the city of Wheloon, he has heard that there is a priest of Mystra seeking help. Perhaps by helping him Sorrel will learn one of the new lessons his master spoke of.


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